Planet Coaster: Das ändert Update 1.1.3

Planet Coaster hat kürzlich das Update 1.1.3 mit zahlreichen Verbesserungen bekommen, der Termin für Update 1.2 steht aber auch schon fest.

  • von Patricia Geiger am 27.01.2017, 14:53 Uhr

Planet Coaster, die aktuelle Freizeitpark-Simulation der ehemaligen RollerCoaster-Tycoon-Entwickler Frontier Developments, hat mit letzten Patch 1.1.3 wieder zahlreiche Optimierungen, aber auch Neuerungen erhalten. Der Umfang beträgt rund 1 Gigabyte und steht ab sofort zum Download bereit. Die Warteschlangen vor den Fahrgeschäften wurden verbessert und mit dem Scizzer gibt es ein neues Fahrgeschäft. Die kompletten Patch Notes findet ihr unterhalb.

Abgesehen davon haben die Entwickler jedoch auch schon den Termin für das nächste große Update 1.2 angekündigt: Es soll Mitte April für alle Spieler zur Verfügung stehen. Damit sollen mehr neue Fahrgeschäfte, Achterbahnen, Dekorationen und Gameplay-Features ins Spiel kommen, genauere Informationen rückt Frontier Developments aktuell jedoch noch nicht heraus.

Patchnotes 1.1.3

  • Language support added for Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Korean.

  • Allow items to be removed from sale in shops.

  • Added a new ride, the Scizzer.

  • Added Scizzer ride audio and “Friendship Drive Engaged” music track.

  • Global coaster track support improvements that will automatically populate throughout all coasters
    – New support just on vertical drops/rises.
    – Dive coaster has its own new vertical support.
    – New diagonal supports just for specials.
    – Sloping supports stay facing the same way when ascending and descending.
    – No more ‘Goal post’ supports on track one variant’s.
    – Dog-legging now only occurs 100ft from the ground.
    – New support just for vertical loops on inverted (Rival, Boa, Stingray).

  • Live Data stats changed from acceleration to actual g-forces (factoring in gravity).

  • Air time scoring has had minor tweaks. Move airtime bonus out from being measured by acceleration and into actual g-forces.

  • Light sequences added to the Kick-Flip and Cube flat rides.

  • Added new Guest Thoughts
    – On-Ride Experience (having fun, nauseous and too intense)
    – Post-ride thoughts (How satisfied guests are by a ride)
    – Missing facilities and shops (including luxury item shops such as Souvenirs / Hats)
    – Ride wear-and-tear
    – Ride breakdowns
    – Transport rides, including if other stations are near anything interesting.
    – If things are too far away and there are no transport rides

Bug Fixes

  • Shop attractiveness improvements.
    – Various guest brain upgrades to improve:
    — The balance of how attractive gift shops are.
    — How guests react to when there is no gift shop present.
    — Balance improvements on luxury item needs.

  • Ride Queue Improvements

  • Extensive Improvements and tweaks added to the guest queuing behaviour to improve guest judgement of queues and improve assessment of queue lengths
    – Guests are now more willing to join longer ride queues.
    – Various improvements have been made to how guests assess ride queues.
    – Ride info panels now report current, up-to-date thoughts, to improve the relevancy of guest thought feedback on the info panel.

  • Fixed guests not going down steep stairs in queues.

  • Neon signs no longer placed upside down.

  • Coaster trains no longer ignore minimum departure interval.

  • French and German park opening hours are now displayed as a 24 hour clock

  • Fixed Mechanic animation so no longer intersects with control booth when inspecting The Screaminator ride.

  • Reduced the amount of early reflections on indoor speakers (Thanks to our community).

  • Triggered effects and music are more audible when on ride and more directional to help reduce bleed through walls (may require pointing the speaker at the ride better).

  • Fixed a problem that doubled the volume of music on all flatrides. If you changed the volume on flatrides to compensate, you may need to check and re-adjust. Our apologies for this oversight and the possibility of resulting extra work.

  • Update to Planco, including improvements on rides and in queues which now use proper Planco.

  • Audio mix improvements and additional optimisations and stability fixes

  • Added park entrance to the Grassland Biome on Hard Difficulty Challenge mode.

Patricia Geiger
Patricia Geiger

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