Space Shop VR

The first VR game that connects people in the on- and offline worlds

  • von Carlo Siebenhüner am 15.01.2019, 9:40 Uhr

MediaMarkt presents: SPACE SHOP VR. Consisting of a VR app and a printable handbook the game connects the virtual reality with the real world. The player in the VR headset is being supported by their teammates from outside the VR experience.

The game takes the players to an intergalactic electronic store where they play the part of a sales-team. Their task is to serve their alien customers and understand their very special needs. Only with the perfect teamwork and the Universal Space Dictionary will they be able to decode the various languages and gestures. And with a little luck be awarded ‘sales team of the galaxy’.

SPACE SHOP VR brings fun to the MediaMarkt Stores, and offers great entertainment for everyone at home. Now available in the Google Play Store.

The game was released exclusively for the Lenovo Mirage Solo headset – the first Standalone VR device powered by Daydream. With ‘6 degrees of freedom’ (6DOF) it allows a natural movement within the VR environment and offers a truly immersive experience for the players.

Carlo Siebenhüner
Carlo Siebenhüner

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